Saturday, March 13, 2010

no cooking today- tofu product review

The whole family is under the weather tonight, so no experiment going on.

Wanted to share that I had a product called Tofurky Italian Sausage last night since the rest of the family was eating Brats. I cooked up some onions and peppers in some Earth Balance and I was all prepared to enjoy it. I forced down two bites and just ate some vegetarian baked beans instead. It just wasn't palatable to me; I guess the texure is the most difficult for me! I think my exact quote was something like-- whoever decided to take tofu and form it into a shape of an Italian Sausage was playing some kind of sick joke. Scott enjoyed it and ate the rest. I said he is more than welcome to the rest of the package as I won't be eating them! He would do much better on this meal plan than me. Then again when you add a half bottle of hot sauce or other condiment to something, it probably changes flavor completely anyway. Maybe I should have dunked it in chocolate first. Just kidding, sounds disgusting! lol

I really enjoy food. I like reading about it, looking at, thinking about what to do with it, washing it, the preparation, tasting and giving to others.. and this tofu thing is not working for me. I have to say the scale is starting to move downwards tho on my 10 pound goal, so not giving up yet. My metabolism has been on a halt for years, so happy to see something happening.

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  1. I personally love tofu, but it's texture can rub some people the wrong way. Unless it's fried or frozen. Freezing it and then thawing gives it a "meatier" texture, but it's spongey. Have you tried the Quorn products? They are too expensive for me to buy on a regular basis, but I know meat eaters with texture issues that loved the stuff. My friend's mom made orange chicken with it a few years ago and they said it tasted the same as the real thing. Btw, there are some NASTY veg foods marketed out there! Have you tried the Morningstar Farms Italian Sausage? It's not vegan, but vegetarian.